Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pop's nicknames for you

Note: I am new to making and posting videos. The following videos were shot on 3/11 and when I went to upload them onto the computer is when I discovered our computer crashed. The computer is now fixed and I've had a chance to upload them again. However, Blogger takes FOREVER to upload videos (it could also be because I filmed for too long). Hope you enjoy them (or some.. you may not want to sit through all of them).

Dear Aiwyn,
The first week of your life your Pop's gave you a nickname of Morla after the turtle from the movie "The Never Ending Story." Morla is a very sneezy turtle and she makes lots of funny faces as she is about to sneeze. You also make lots of funny faces, not really when you sneeze but all the time when you are waking up. Today I got a little camera happy and made little short videos. The first one is a little long. The Morla faces are from 49 sec- 1:16 and at 2:18 is a surprise present you were making for your Mama.... so sweet. The second one has you making cute noisies. The last one has very good Morla faces and you get to see what a little Buddha belly you are growing (you can also see your very fashionable lavendar cloth diaper cover).

The other nickname your father has given you is "the milk monster." You get a little crazy when you are hungry. You also try to get milk out of some things that don't have milk. Usually your hand:

But sometimes it's other things:

I use the teddy bear as a wedge when I change your diaper on the pack 'n play because you always roll to one side. This time you thought you would try to use it for another purpose.