Monday, May 9, 2011


Dear Aiwyn,
You are two now and there are some days when you act like a two year old. Your favorite word right now is "no." The other night we were eating dinner together outside on the back porch. You got restless, turned around in your seat on your knees (which is not allowed while eating) and proceeded to wipe your lasagna-covered face all over the back of the chair. I asked nicely, "Aiwyn, please turn around and sit down." You, "no." "Aiwyn, turn around and sit down. You will only have one more warning." "No." "Aiwyn, this is the last time. Turn around and sit down or you will go to time out." "No." "Ok. You are in time-out for not listening to mommy and telling me no."

Your time-out are two minutes long and I time them on my phone. I didn't have my phone outside with us. About the time that your two minutes were up, you started to slide out of your seat. As you did so you said, "I, naughty." Then you came up to give me a hug and said "sorrey." It was hard to keep a straight face. You really are a sweet girl.