Monday, September 7, 2009

7 Months

Dear Aiwyn,
You are now seven months old! We were in Florida for your seven month "birthday." We went with your Grammy, Grandpa, Great Uncle Earle, Great Aunt Patti, and your cousin Little CJ. We had a great time. You only had 3 sad moments: after 6 hrs in the car on the way there, one night when you were ready for bed, and after 5 1/2 hrs in the car on the way back. That's ok, I, too, get a little short-fused after being in the car that long and when I'm sleepy.

Other than those three tiny times, you were the perfect, happy baby. You charmed everyone you met and I think Earle, Patti and CJ are in love with you. You had Earle talking baby talk! One afternoon you fell asleep in Patti's arms and she looked like she was in baby heaven. CJ loved to "play" with you and help take care of you.

You have grown so much. Last month you weighed 17 lbs 7 oz and you go back to the doctor in a few days. I bought a travel size pack 'n play to keep at the shop for when you go with Pops to work and to take with us when we travel. I brought it with us to Florida and tried to put you in it the first two nights, but you are too big. You would stretch and hit the side and then wake yourself up. So I gave up and we slept together. Oh, the snuggles we had. You have inherdited your Mama's professional snuggling skills and I LOVE IT!!! However, you also inherdited your Pops spastic night time movements and you wiggle and kick a lot. That, I wasn't too excited about.

I was excited about taking your 7 month picture this month because you are sitting up so well on your own. You have gotten over your phase of always throwing yourself backwards when we sit you up (you used think it was funny because you were always caught be someone or had nice soft pillows stacked around you). However, on your day you decided to go on a "sitting strike" and it lasted through to the next day also. But it only lasted 2 days. I had to put a little sand seat behind your bottom to get a good picture on the beach. All your pictures turned out so good, it was hard to choose which ones to post. You were being a ham.

You got your first 2 teeth at the same time this past month and you have only bit me twice. Once you chomped down on my finger and the second time you got my side as you were laying on my lap and I was preparing to nurse you. I guess I wasn't moving fast enough!

You are doing better eating your food. You eat about 1 1/2 oz twice a day now (before you were eating less than an ounce twice a day). You still aren't that thrilled about eating and you don't open your open. I always thought all kids open their mouth excited about food. Not you. You'll eat it once it's in there, but you make it a challenge to get it in there. However, Grammy fed you dinner tonight & she said you did open your mouth for her but you had it angled down...still making it a little challenging I guess. You still love your little Milk Monster.

You still aren't crawling, but you get around. You roll all over the floor and this past week, you have gotten quick. Today, I put you on your mat in the living room and was at the kitchen sink for about 1 minute and you had rolled almost to the edge of the living room. I definitely have to watch you on the bed now! You have even figured out how to roll with some forward momentum and not just side to side. This helps you to grab toys and the pups.

Speaking of your pups. Max and Puja were so excited when we got home. You got so many kisses. And then the next day you and Puja were rolling around on the floor together.