Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Max was Excited to Have our 1st Baby Shower

Dear 'A',
This past Friday (1/16/09) we had your first baby shower. My work (old job) threw us a baby shower/ going away party. It was so nice. You got lots of really cute clothes, shoes, beautiful handmade blankets, and your car seat. Mim made these adorable, tiny pink baby booties for everyone to wear and most everyone wore pink! Mim also made this yummy pink jello, Angie made some refreshing punch and there was the most delicious cake made up of about 24 cupcakes with the most yummy icing spread over the whole things to make it look like a regular cake.


I had about 1/2 the cake left over to take home! I ate another cupcake that night after dinner as did your father when he got off work. Then we both had a cupcake for breakfast..... I know not so healthy, but thank goodness we at least got another cupcake because Max pulled the entire box off the counter and finished it off- icing and all!


THE GUILT (with the cake box behind him)

The next day was like having the shower all over again because I got to show your father all your goodies. He had a lot of fun seeing all the cute things we got. His favorite gift was the funny monkey. The dogs thought the monkey was interesting too. He was impressed with all three beautiful crocheted blankets.


We had our 35 1/2 week doctor's appointment on Monday. I'm not dilated or thinned yet. The doctor asked if you were moving good. I told her you were being quite pushy that morning. She took a look at my belly and told me I was having a contraction. Apparently I've had Braxton-Hicks a lot longer and more frequently than I thought! I've had contractions since Monday morning and it's now Wednesday night. I went to the store after work today and was walking around more and had a contraction that stopped me in my tracks. I think when real labor does come on, walking will definitely help it progress!


*I wrote this post on 1/21/09 and am just now actually posting!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Starting a new job as I start my 9th month of pregnancy

Dear 'A',
Today was my first unofficial day of my new job (I'll be at the clinic Thursday & Friday and back to the new job permanently next week). I'm now working at my district office which means I will be closer to home and closer to you and your father. My drive is now 13 miles vs 26 miles. Unfortunately, there are more stop lights. I am giving up my office with a door and window for a cubicle. Yet the cubicle is about as large as my old office. I am excited to be starting this new chapter of my career.

As for you, no new "warm-up surges." You are out of room to fully stretch those long legs of yours, even though you still try. Sometimes it feels like you are going to pop out both sides of my belly as your back stretches to one side and your feet are poking out the other. You are getting hiccups more frequently, which is a little bizarre to feel. You respond to your name and being moved around. You still enjoy yoga even though I missed the two weeks after Christmas. We returned this past Monday and it was much needed.

I haven't posted many pictures of myself because it's hard to self-portrait with such a big belly and I always forget to ask your father to take a picture when he's home. However, I've posted one of me at 35 1/2 weeks taken through a mirror (just a few minutes ago). And my have you grown!


Friday, January 9, 2009

34 Weeks

Dear 'A',
We have made it to 34 weeks! It almost seems unreal that you will be here in about a month. Your father and I are both so excited and each day we talk about you. Sometimes we talk about how you will look or about the foods you will like or the music you will listen to. Each of us project our likes onto what we think you will be most like. I think you will love all vegetables even cooked carrots (even though your father says cooked carrots are "yuck"). He says that you will probably like "bad music" because that's what I listen to and you've been around me more (at least 9 months more).

Even though we are so excited at the thought of holding you in our arms, we both want you to stay right where you are until you are fully "cooked". Last night was scary. I've had Braxton-Hicks "warm-ups" twice before last night and they can be a little scary. Last night within 1/2 hour of getting home from work, they started. I decided to lay down in bed and use it as an opportunity to practice my breathing techniques we learned in our Hypnobirthing classes. Then I started to get extremely nauseous and had some terrible GI issues that I won't gross you out with. I wasn't sure if I had a slight stomach bug that caused the contractions or the contractions caused the GI issues meaning I was in the beginning of labor. Even more scary was that I was home alone and wanted to have your father here with me. Well, the good news is I'm not really in labor. Bad news is the contractions have continued on and off today. It seems that you like to push back on my uterus when it contracts making it seem like you are fully extending both your body and my belly.

Working full time and running around as much as I do at work and home when you are 34 weeks pregnant apparently gives you nothing but more stress, swollen & tired feet, more heartburn and contractions. I need to slow down. I have been pushing myself too hard at work and at home and I've been letting work stress bother me lately. Too bad maternity leave is NOT a vacation (like some people think). I feel like I need one. Perhaps all this juggling will teach me how to better handle a bigger family life with my career. My goal next work week is to slow down and practice more relaxation.