Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Max was Excited to Have our 1st Baby Shower

Dear 'A',
This past Friday (1/16/09) we had your first baby shower. My work (old job) threw us a baby shower/ going away party. It was so nice. You got lots of really cute clothes, shoes, beautiful handmade blankets, and your car seat. Mim made these adorable, tiny pink baby booties for everyone to wear and most everyone wore pink! Mim also made this yummy pink jello, Angie made some refreshing punch and there was the most delicious cake made up of about 24 cupcakes with the most yummy icing spread over the whole things to make it look like a regular cake.


I had about 1/2 the cake left over to take home! I ate another cupcake that night after dinner as did your father when he got off work. Then we both had a cupcake for breakfast..... I know not so healthy, but thank goodness we at least got another cupcake because Max pulled the entire box off the counter and finished it off- icing and all!


THE GUILT (with the cake box behind him)

The next day was like having the shower all over again because I got to show your father all your goodies. He had a lot of fun seeing all the cute things we got. His favorite gift was the funny monkey. The dogs thought the monkey was interesting too. He was impressed with all three beautiful crocheted blankets.


We had our 35 1/2 week doctor's appointment on Monday. I'm not dilated or thinned yet. The doctor asked if you were moving good. I told her you were being quite pushy that morning. She took a look at my belly and told me I was having a contraction. Apparently I've had Braxton-Hicks a lot longer and more frequently than I thought! I've had contractions since Monday morning and it's now Wednesday night. I went to the store after work today and was walking around more and had a contraction that stopped me in my tracks. I think when real labor does come on, walking will definitely help it progress!


*I wrote this post on 1/21/09 and am just now actually posting!


Marcie said...

I walked the mall the day Bennett was born. It definitely helped! It got kind of old, though, having to stop every two minutes or so and crouch down and wait for it to pass. I think most everyone in the mall wanted me to leave. I don't think they wanted to see a baby being born in front of JCPenney. They didn't have to worry. We were walking at 9:45am and Bennett was not born until 11:52pm. LONG day.

I enjoyed the shower last Saturday. The games were a hoot, and I love our little garden starter Josh won. I can't wait to put it to use!

Marcie said...


Can't wait to come visit you guys and meet Miss Aiwyn! Is it pronounced "A"wyn or "I"wyn? Either way, I love it.

Congrats, again. I know y'all are excited. :)