Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Picture Archives

Dear Aiwyn,
Tonight I was downloading pictures of you onto my digital photo key chain. Sounds silly that they make such an item... but yes, it's true. It holds 60 photos!

I received it as a Christmas gift from your Uncle Hunter and I had not opened the box until today. I knew I would use it... I would be "that parent." You know the one that is always showing off their kid. Besides I thought when I went back to work and I was missing you, I could always see you. (Actually, now I am wanting a bigger desktop version to have at work too!) I waited to open it until I had a good number of photos of you and I would have the opportunity to use it. My opportunity is that I am planning on going to yoga tomorrow. My fellow yogis watched me grow and grow (and struggle more and more with the poses) up until two weeks before I delivered you. I know they want to see what you look like.

Anyway... as I was downloading photos, I found several that had not been shared. So, here they are.

4 Days old on the way to your 1st pediatrician's appointment

Same trip. This just shows how cute you are in the hat Kate knitted for you.

1 month 2 days old (30 days.. crazy short month of February) snuggled up to your Mama

1 month 3 days old (31 days)

1 month, 1 week old. Asleep on top of your Mama, even though your arms look like you are on a roller coaster.

1 month, 8 days old (yesterday's nap)

It's amazing to see how much you have filled out from day 4 to yesterday. We could really tell you were gaining weight well by your fingers plumping up first. Now you have a forearm roll. Your Pops and I did not know those could exist! But now we are glad they do exist because they're so much fun to kiss.


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