Sunday, March 1, 2009

One Month

Dear Aiwyn,
Today you are one month old. Look at all the rolls you are getting. I love your cute, slightly chubby body. Today your Pops had planned a "meet Aiwyn cook-out" for today. He came up with the idea a few weeks ago and wanted to introduce his pride and joy to all our friends. I was a little weary when he first presented me with the idea, but he reassured me that he was going to do all the shopping, cooking and help clean. He stood true to his word: he did all the shopping yesterday, he was up at 8:30am prepping and cooking this morning and he helped clean. However, the weather had a different idea... it's snowing. Let me say that again: IT'S SNOWING.... IN GEORGIA!!! All our friends canceled due to the weather and a few of them were sick. The strangest thing is that Thursday (as in 3 days ago) it was 65 degrees outside and we went for a walk at the park and I was wearing short-sleeves. It's a little sad that we didn't get to have your cook-out today. I really was looking forward to seeing all our friends and your Pops really put a lot of effort into preparing everything. We were going to have hamburgers, hot dogs, the GRIT mac & cheese, homemade guacamole, brownies, and lemon cake. We'll have to plan another event for you to meet the rest of the gang.

In other news, you stayed snuggly warm in you snuggle blanket that I finally finished making. I started making it months ago and got stuck because the pattern called for making 2 inch button holes in the middle for the tie to go through. My sewing machine doesn't make button holes that large (well you can do it the old fashioned way with a zig-zag stitch but I've never done that). Then when your Grandma Rogers was staying with us, she pointed out the holes in the middle wouldn't fit you when your small. I came up with the brilliant idea to put a long strip of velcro down the back so it can be adjusted as you grow. I didn't like the look of I decided to use a decorative stitch to fancy it up. The trouble was the decorative stitch broke 2 of my needles. I had to go to Jo-Ann's to buy some jeans needles (and I ended up breaking one of those too) to finish it up. All that time and needles was worth it. The wrap kept you warm (it's lined in fleece) and you were very cute in it!



Megan said...

I love those rolls!! She is so darling. Your snuggle blanket turned out great. She is going to love that tonight! It's so cold!

Marcie said...

I missed this one! I saw "worry wart mama" and thought that was the only new one. I only just now saw this. Anyway, we really hated to miss the cookout. We wanted to see y'all so bad! And we were right there! Oh well, another time.

The blanket is great; I love it.