Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Old Wives Tale?

Dear 'A',
I try to be so healthy to make sure you are healthy. I hardly take a Tylenol for a headache, but I broke down big time yesterday. First off, I've been sick with a head cold and just been eating chicken noodle soup, pushing the fluids, and trying to rest as much as possible. Yesterday I had to work and couldn't take the pressure in my head so I took one Mucinex (it's on the list of ok medications to take during pregnancy). Well my head wasn't so clogged, but I don't think my patients appreciated me constantly dabbing at my nose so I wasn't dripping on their charts.

Then in a not so healthy impulse, I stopped to get a pepperoni calazone on the way home. You will one day understand that your father makes pizza and calazones that are like crack... sometimes you just have to have one! I grabbed a Sprite to wash it down and drank about 1/4 of the 20 oz bottle with the calazone. Shortly after eating I went to bed to read and ended up falling asleep about 8:30pm (again the head cold did me in). It was not restful sleep as I kept waking up with some heartburn. About 10:00pm I got up to take some Tums and in desperation I mean to say some was really 6 Tums. About 11:00pm I couldn't handle it anymore. I had the lovely searing heartburn with a slight Tums taste now (it kept getting worse).

So I came downstairs in my night clothes (which consists of a T-shirt and underwear because anyone ever pregnant understands that your body is no longer 98.9 degrees, but 989 degrees especially when you sleep) to look for a very important paper. You father looked at my desperate half-naked search and asked what I was doing. I was searching for the list of ok medications to take for heartburn. I was searching for something a HUNDRED TIMES STRONGER THAN TUMS BECAUSE I WAS I ON FIRE! And I pleaded for your father to go to the store armed with the paper to buy me anything strong to extinguish my fire. It really didn't take much pleading. He could see the desperation in my actions and eyes and had his shoes on by the time I found the paper. He returned with Mylanta and Zantac. I took them BOTH! I took 2 big swigs of Mylanta (no time for measuring) and one Zantac. I didn't really get to sleep until almost 2 am and then it was sleeping on an incline which is always a funny way to sleep. I also got to wake up twice to go to the bathroom in the 4 hours before my alarm went off. Heartburn has stayed away today, but I carried the Zantac with me to work like a nice lovey (security blanket).

So, the question is this..... Is the old wives tale true? If you have bad heartburn is your child going to be born with a lot of hair? (I would enjoy seeing comments on if you had heartburn or not and if your child was born with hair or not). 'A', I'm not holding my breath. I was bald until I was 2, sorry.



Marcie said...

The old wives tale did not prove true in my situation. Bennett was born with a TON of hair (see most recent post), but I didn't have the slightest bit of heartburn during my pregnancy.

About a week or two before delivering I did have just a bit, but I had an almost 9 pound baby in me and I was ready to pop, so I didn't think anything of it.

But I have heard lots of people say that they had heartburn and their baby had lots of hair, so I don't know...

And how sweet of Brian. What a good husband. :)

Adam, Megan, Carson Rogers said...

Finally I found your blog! I enjoyed the calzone crack story. Wonderful. I am sorry about the cold and really sorry about the heartburn. Seems like yesterday that I was going through that misery. I had severe heartburn every time I laid down. To answer your question about hair and heartburn...during my pregnancy, I went through 2 containers of Tums and you know how Carson looks. Tragic.

Josh said...

Hey! It's Josh. Have you considered a Neti pot for the head cold ( I use a turkey injector minus the metal syringe tip)? And I used to mix 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in carbonated water for heartburn. I actually used to drink nothing but soda water for my chronic heartburn.Hope you are doing well besides those issues!

dinisha said...

Josh, I do have a neti pot (I think you forgot what hippy you were talking to). But once I get this clogged the water can't go up :( Perhaps if I use it on a regular basis, it might prevent this congestion! Good tip on the heartburn, but I've found out carbonation is a no-no now. And another strange thing is if I have slight heartburn, plain water makes it worse. Which sucks when your diet consists of 10-12 glasses of water/day! I'm really hoping this is only pregnancy-induced and will disappear after delivery. Sorry, you have to experience heartburn without the hope of it going away after a delivery.... but hey, you never have to have a delivery.\!