Friday, December 12, 2008

Good News!

Dear 'A',
As you get older and have to fill out your own medical forms you will be checking several boxes about diabetes. It seems my side of the family has some "sweet blood" ;) In addition to our family's prevalent history, I have two risk factors myself. I've had quite a few hypoglycemic episodes since early college and PCOS is associated with insulin resistance.

About 2 weeks ago, I took my second one hour glucose tolerance test (I took the first one around 13 weeks gestation due to my risk factors and passed) and then found out I did not pass this most recent 1 hour test. So, I had to go back in for a three hour test this past Monday. A three hour test is not fun. They took a total of 4 venous blood draws and I couldn't leave the office during the entire time (which ended up being a total of 3 1/2 hours). The doctor's office said they would only call if it was bad news. I was nervous when I saw their number call me last night. But they knew I was nervous about the results and called to tell me I passed!

This is great news for you as well. My body won't be feeding you excessive amounts of glucose causing you to be a large baby (not to say you won't be big because your father was a 10 lb baby at birth) and you won't become hypoglycemic after birth when the umbilical cord stops nourishing you. You are also lucky to have your dad as your father. It seems he is the healthiest man on earth. When he applied for life insurance they quoted him the second lowest tier of monthly costs because "no one ever passes their physical enough to get the lowest tier." Turns out your father did and we received a refund check in the mail because he is so healthy. He also likes to brag about how healthy he is!

The other good thing about the time spent at the doctor's office was I got a lot of knitting done (actually finished two projects and started a third) which is good because Christmas is fast approaching.

Also, last night was our last hypnobirthing class. I feel better prepared and glad we took the class together. It sparked several good conversations between your father and me and we feel more confident knowing what to expect of each other on your birthday. However, we still have more practice and preparations to do... good thing we still have two more months.


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Marcie said...

I'm so glad you're doing this! I will check in often, I love it.

I'm so sorry about what you have gone through. I can't even imagine.

Best wishes for the next two months. We'll be thinking of you guys!