Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Looking in From the Outside

Dear 'A',
We had a "boutique" ultrasound done of you this past Monday night. We haven't seen a picture of you since going to the fetal specialist at about 21 weeks gestation (which was a little nerve-racking for me). We were able to share this moment with friends and family and had the following audience: Grandma Peters, Grandma Rogers, Papa, your Uncle Hunter, Sara & Robert (who you will probably grow up thinking is your aunt and uncle). Grandpa Peters had to be out of town, but we'll share all the pictures.

You were 31 wks 4 days according to our due date, but you were measuring more like 33 wks 6 days (EDC 02/03/09). It estimated your weight at 5 pounds even ALREADY! And we still have ~8 more weeks to go! I've always thought you would not be a tiny baby. So I've decided to take a poll on what people think: are you going to be closer to your mama's birth weight or your father's?


Looks like you're going to have your Mama's nose and chubby cheeks

And your Father's bottom lip

Look at that scowl

Rubbing your eyes

Look at that big foot!

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