Friday, August 14, 2009


Dear Aiwyn,
It's official, you have teeth. Not just one coming in, but 2! They're in the middle on the bottom. Your Pops and I knew you were out of sorts on Sunday and you had been MISS DROOL MONSTER all week, but you haven't really been that cranky. When I started giving you solids, I started brushing your teeth after dinner each night. This week you have really been loving me rubbing the finger brush over your gums. There was no teeth last night, I think they both sprouted up over night. Grandma found your teeth today. She told me she was surprised I or your Pops hadn't seen them yet. She felt them when you were sucking on her finger. Apparently both your Pops and I replied that we don't let you suck on our fingers! At least Grandma washes her hands often!

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