Thursday, August 13, 2009


Dear Aiwyn,
Just this week you started to give me kisses. At least that's what I'm calling them. I've nicknamed you "my little vampire" because when it's time to nurse you come at me with your mouth open and make an "aahh" sound that kind of sounds like a vampire noise. Your kisses are similar except it's not as scary as you lunging at my boob.

Well, it's still a little violent. You start of grabbing my hair. Each little chubby hand has a fist full of my curls on either side of my face. Then you use my hair to catapult yourself towards my face and you aim for either my mouth or my chin with your mouth wide open and the vampire "aahh" sound. When I pry you off my face (like a baby octopus) you are laughing and smiling. You are the silliest, sweetest little baby. I love you.

PS. As I was reviewing this before I posted, it reminded me that my Mom has told me many times that I used to do a similar vampire thing to her neck, but instead of making a vampire "aahhh" noise I would bob up and down and go "ahahahaha." Maybe this runs in the family?!

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Susan said...

I love babies slobbery kisses!! Wish I could give her one right now.