Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sleep Soup

Dear Aiwyn,
You aren't old enough to be eating solids yet, but I set up your high chair about two weeks ago so you could be in the kitchen with me while I cook. Tonight you weren't really into playing with your toys. I was talking to you and telling you what I was chopping up. Every time I looked over at you and told you more about cooking you would smile that goofy smile at me. Then the kitchen was really quiet and I looked over and saw this:

Your high chair straps into a regular chair and is made for infant to toddler. It has a function to recline, which I thought was a strange feature until today....

I took the tray off and reclined you back and you took a 1/2 hour nap right there! On another note, here's the video clip of your crazy cackle. We not sure if you were doing it to your reflection or to the fan's reflection!



Megan said...

HAHAHA I laughed out loud when Brian said "Thats weird. It's not even funny." Funny.

Susan said...

Glad the high chair is coming in handy. I love the laugh, so sweet.