Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Belated 5 months

Dear Aiwyn,
You turned 5 months old on the 1st. You are getting so "grown." Some days your Pops or I look at you and think we see some little girl facial expressions or movements. That's scary. I cannot say enough how much I love snuggling with you and giving you hugs and kisses. I dread the day that you pull away from my hugs. Maybe that's why you get so many... I'm trying to make sure I get in enough now to make up for the times when I might not get them.

You have become more dexterous and reach out further to grab things. You are master of the front to back roll over, but still don't like to "perform" your back to front roll. You can do it, you just prefer to lay on your back. Probably to stare at the fan more. You are doing great sitting up with very minimal support and you can sit unassisted for about 20 seconds max. You are definitely teething with all the thumb action and drool that's going on. But you aren't really cranky. You love to laugh, coo, fake cough (and then laugh), and now you cackle. Yes, you cackle. It's funny and we have video to prove it (I will post it later as it is late and blogger takes FOREVER to upload a video). Your new favorite "thing" is to look at things upside down. If we hold you on our lap you scooch so your head is hanging off over our knees and then you try to back bend even more upside down. It's pretty silly. Also, not only are you weaned off the bottle, but now you can hold your own sippy cup! Today you went to the doctor for some immunizations and you were a pretty brave girl. You cried right when the shots went in, but calmed down shortly after that. Today you weighed 16 pounds and 7 ounces and you are 25 3/4" long. I was 2 days late making your 5 onsie this month so you are not EXACTLY 5 months old in the picture. The picture was difficult to take because every time I backed away after sitting you up and scootched your legs to lay down. Looks like you are posing... such a model!


The Meyer Family Blog said...

We love and miss you guys! Thanks for letting us borrow grandma for a couple of days!!

dinisha said...

No problem. But we do want her back!