Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lunch Date

Dear Aiwyn,
Since I've been back to work, it been interesting to see your Pops become Mr.Mom. He has really stepped up and is now super Pops and super husband. He wakes up after I get out of the shower to put you back to sleep. Then he goes downstairs to make me breakfast (with coffee of course) and to help me gather all my work stuff (water, pump parts, bottles, lunch, etc.). During the time that he spends at home he has been washing diapers, doing dishes and he's even cooked lunch a couple of times to bring to me! He brings you up to my work 2-3 times a week so we can all spend time together and eat. Your Grandma is also watching you during the day & has helped out around the house too. Having your Pops & Grandma has really helped ease my transition back to work- I don't have to worry about you being taken care of. I know that when I'm gone you are still getting lots of kisses and snuggles. The night before I went back to work I told your Pops he had to do something that I usually do with you.... every time I pick you up, (out of the car seat, crib, swing, changing table, etc) I kiss you. He told me that he already kisses you all the time, but he would make sure not to forget.

These pictures were taken the first week of our lunch dates.



Marcie said...

She is beautiful, Dinisha. What great skin tone!

How could anyone NOT snuggle her?

Denise said...

She gets LOTS of kisses from me