Wednesday, April 1, 2009

See ya'll later

Dear Aiwyn,
Last night was a very sad night. Your Aunt Susan, Uncle Rick, cousins Ben and Olivia left to move to Chicago. Susan and Rick have lived close to your Pops and me for the past 8 years. Your Grandma has hosted Sunday night dinners for the family for a long time and we all get together, eat and have a good time. It is common for people to complain about their in-laws... I am lucky to never have a need to complain. You Grandma and Papa-Daddy are awesome as in-laws and even better (if that's even possible) as grandparents. Rick was the first in-law married into the Rogers family and he fit in wonderfully. Since then all the "in-lawed children" have got along great. We even go on family vacations together. Ben and Olivia were my first nephew and niece and I enjoy being their Aunt Dinisha. I think that, I laugh more when I'm with the entire Rogers' family than I do the whole rest of the week (and not because my week is boring, but because we have such a great time together). I'm really going to miss all of the Meyer family, all our laughs, and I hope they move back to Georgia soon. I look forward to our next family get-together and you making memories with your cousins. Below is a link to Picasa for some pictures of the Meyer family.
Meyer Family

So, to Susan, Rick, Ben & Olivia I will not say good bye, I will see ya'll later! We love ya!


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The Meyer Family Blog said...

See ya'll leter!! Love you!