Wednesday, April 1, 2009

2 Months!

Dear Aiwyn,
Today you are two months old! I love being your Mama and spending our days together. We go everywhere together and yes, I do take you out. You are such a sweet baby. You are growing so quickly. From the time you started eating you would nurse and then towards the end you would make this small "aahh, ahh, aahh" noise like you had been doing so much work. It was so adorable, but I just realized the other day that you don't do it much any more. I guess you are so big now that eating isn't that much work. You have really grown. I weighed you at the store the other day and you were 12 pounds 12 ounces. We will get an official weight tomorrow at your 2 month check up. I look forward to showing your pediatrician what an eating champ you have become. You still don't have set nap times during the day or even a set bed time. I've tried to give you a bedtime (especially after reading the "No Cry Sleep Solution" book) but it isn't working for us. You have what I have termed "the bewitching hour." It happens from 6:30pm-9:00pm. During this time you are fussy and want to be held and I don't get much else done besides holding you. Once you come out of this fussiness, you get drowsy and that is when we get you ready for bed. This usually allows your Pops to visit with you before bed. At about two weeks old you began smiling after you had a full belly and you were about to doze off, but now you are starting to smile in response to us. Some days I even think I hear the beginnings of cooing. I am enjoying all your new developments and experiences and look forward to what's next.


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Denise said...

Beautiful baby. Great job on the onesie.