Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Birthday Tribute

Dear Aiwyn,
Today I had my 3 week postpartum checkup. It was more to make sure I didn't have any pain or postpartum depression. That's a negative on both. My OB/Gyn office is small (one of the reason's I chose them) and has 2 doctors, 1 midwife, and 1 nurse practitioner. Everyone working today ooooed and aahhhed over you and all your cuteness. I had your Pops go with me so I could bring you and he had you in the sling. All the women thought it was so adorable. And it is always adorable when you are held by your Pops, sling or no sling.

Dr.Graham is the newest doctor in the practice and we only got to see her twice during the pregnancy and she was the one who delivered you. Honestly, I was a little worried since I didn't have as long of a doctor/patient relationship with her as I did with Dr. Larrimore and Patty (the midwife). But in reality, Dr. Graham was awesome. She allowed us to stay within our birth plan.



Today she asked if I remembered what was going on when she was delivering you. I told her all I remember is hearing that her 3 year old son locked her 5 year old daughter in a locker. She told me that did happen, but the 3 year old had forgot about it by the time she got home. He told her, "I heard that lady go "AAAAAHHHH!" Dr. Graham told him it was because I was having a baby and she was helping me. He was so impressed he told everyone at school (preschool I assume) that his mom pulls babies out and he heard her helping a lady (I am so proud!). Dr. Graham was also impressed with our 3 day ordeal and how I was still able to deliver vaginally sans epidural. She told me our labor and delivery was a teaching experience for the nursing staff as most hospitals want to do a cesarean after 24 and most definitely after 48 hours of labor. She told me some of the nurses were quite concerned after the 48 hour mark (unbeknown to me). However, you and I were not in distress and there was no need for medical intervention. So, in the process of bringing you into this world we taught a 3 year old a little about babies and the nursing staff that labor and delivery are a natural body process that needs to be left alone until there is a need to intervene.

ME HOLDING YOU IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOUR BIRTH (if you look closely, you can see my braid... hairstyles by Brian)


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